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Drug Trafficking Charges

Even though drug trafficking is a serious offense that could potentially land you in prison for a number of years, our lawyers will do the best possible to mitigate the charges impended by the state, or even keep you out from behind bars.

Narcotic Related Charges

Were you charged with any crimes that are related to narcotics? We have specialized lawyers that are experienced with all cases in regarding in narcotics, and we will to mitigate the situation.

White Collar Crimes

Have individuals caused damages to your corporation, or are you an individual who was wrongly accused of such a crime? Allow us to handle all of your white collar crime cases in the most professional manner.


Our lawyers are ready to handle any misdemeanor case, and will go through the proper channels to reduce your sentence to the state minimum, or even have you released on probation.


Charged with offenses related to driving under the influence of alcohol? Let our lawyers handle the case! These are the quickest cases to deal with and we will do what it takes to keep you from having the continue fighting the state over small charges.

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